Controlled and guaranteed designation of origin

Noble wine of magnificent ruby red colour and ruby refractions.

STRENGTH: 14%vol.

WINE VARIETAL: Nebbiolo 100%

VINEYARD: Blend of several vineyards with exposure to South-East and South-West only, growing exquisite grapes with harmonic ripening. The clay-rich calcareous soil guarantees precious grapes and harmonic ripening. The cultivation is made with the low arch Guyot system.

AVERAGE ANNUAL YIELD: 6.500 Kgs of grapes per hectare.

AGEING AND REFINING: After the alcoholic fermentation lasting for about 12 – 15 days, the malolactic fermentation process is carried out in various types of Slavonian wooden barrels for 18 up to 22 months.

Finally, the blending and the bottling follow. One year later the bottles are ready for the distribution.

FRAGRANCE: Rich mix of persistent fragrances of ripe fruit, faded flowers, sweet spices.

TASTE: Dry, warm and harsh with sweet tannins completing its rich structure and harmonious complexity.

FOOD PAIRING: Ideal pairing with wild and hunting game, braised meats, roe deer and venison. Perfect for any courses enriched with white truffle of Alba.

PRESERVATION: Long-lasting wine with slow as well as constant ripening in the bottle. The best vintage productions spread intense sensations even after decades.

SERVING TEMPERATURE 18-20° C. To best enjoy its majestic taste, it ought to be poured into a carafe and left to air for one hour prior to drinking.



“Barbaresco is the wine of your best nights in your life, it never lets you down…”

Andrea Scanzi, Praise to the ageing, 2007