BRIC DOGLIANI (no added sulfites)

Controlled and guaranteed designation of origin

Ruby red colour wine, intense and deep, with beautiful purple reflections, without added sulphites, made from grapes grown in a certified organic cultivation.

STRENGTH: 13%vol.

WINE VARIETAL: Dolcetto 100%

VINEYARD: Favourably exposed to the South and South-East, at 500 meters high. The cultivation is made with the low arch Guyot system, organic fertilizers and phytosanitary treatments based on natural products, such as sulphur and copper.

AVERAGE ANNUAL YIELD: About 7.000 Kgs of grapes per hectare.

AGEING AND REFINING: Traditional winemaking process with superficial maceration for 6 – 8 days.

Since the wine has no added sulphites, the decanting is carefully carried out to minimize as much as possible the airing. It is left for refinement in concrete tanks at low temperatures to improve the preservation and its bottling is made in late Spring, usually in May. The refining is made in the bottle for 30 days before being distributed.

FRAGRANCE: Ethereal wine and fruity scents of cherry and jam.

TASTE: Dry, warm, with mild tannin and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

FOOD PAIRING: Thanks to its harmonic structure it is perfect for courses based on pasta with meat sauce (ragù), roasted meats, white or red grilled meats, fresh cheese.

PRESERVATION: For not containing any added sulphites, the wine has a limited life. We recommend drinking it within the first 3 years from production.

SERVING TEMPERATURE Within 15 and 18 °C. Because of no added sulphites, we recommend to open the bottle half an hour prior to serving, preferably in a carafe.

RECOMMENDED WINE GLASS: Glass with average rim.


“It’s lovely to wander on the hill with the dog: while walking it sniffs and recognizes for us the roots, the burrows, the gulches, hidden lives and multiplies our pleasure of discovering”.

Cesare Pavese, The House on the Hill, 1949. Brich, means hill in Piedmontese dialect.