“The feisty little one”

The Nascetta grape has been used to make wine since the 800’s and although
its past glories have faded, it is now starting to make a comback of sorts.
in Piemonte and Liguria for cenuries now

Grape Type: 100% Nascetta

Appelation: DOC

Wine Type: Dry White Wine

Growing area: Dogliani (CN)

Vinification: Briccolina is fermented in stainless steel for a period of
4 months before being further aged in the bottle.

Characteristics: It has a bouquet of grape fruit as well as pear.

Pairings: Recommended to be served with sushi, shell fish as well
as white meats such as grilled veal steaks.

Serving temperature: Serve chilled

Alcohol content: 13% by volume (depending on vintage)

Acidity: 5.4 g/l (depending on vintage)

Residual Sugar: 2 g/l (depending on vintage)

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