Controlled designation of origin

Ruby red wine of average intensity, owes its name to the harvest time as its grapes are usually picked during the coldest and foggy periods in Autumn.

STRENGTH: 13%vol.

WINE VARIETAL: Nebbiolo 100%

VINEYARD: A selection of vineyards with optimal exposure, strictly located between South-East and South-West, on clay-rich soil cultivated with the low arch Guyot system.

AVERAGE ANNUAL YIELD: 8.000 Kgs of grapes per hectare.

AGEING AND REFINING: The grapes are left to ferment for 8 -10 days in concrete tanks at controlled temperature.

The ageing process is carried out in oak barrels for about 8 – 9 months. After the blending the ageing still continues in concrete tanks until the bottling. After several months the bottles are ready for the distribution.

FRAGRANCE: Intense with fruity notes evoking raspberry, blackberry and cherry, supported by a balanced fragrance of violet flowers.

TASTE: Full-bodied and harmonic with very delicate and pleasant tannin.

FOOD PAIRING: Great pairing with very rich and flavoured first courses, second courses based on grilled meats and vegetables.

PRESERVATION: It preserves its typical characteristics for 5 – 6 years, in the most favourable vintages it may last even longer.


RECOMMENDED WINE GLASS Broad balloon glass.


“Nebiolus, wonderful wine grapes…producing good wine to be preserved and very strong…”

Pier de Crescenzi, from the Agricultural Essay, Bologna, 1301.