La Cugnà d’ra Nona


Sauce of organic grapes, local hazelnuts and seasonal fruits typical of the area such as the “Madernassa” pears and quince.

WINE VARIETAL: Dolcetto 100%

Cugnà is an exclusive Piedmontese vineyard product, an exclusive pleasure for gourmets. It is prepared not in a bottle, but in a tin and its heart is essentially based on the grapes. It could be merely defined a grape marmalade, if it wasn’t for the grandmother’s Bruna original old recipe, prescribing the adding up of hazelnuts from the Langa land and seasonal fruits of the territory: the “Madernassa” pears and quince. The Dolcetto grapes are the most fruity among the black grapes growing in Piedmont. Those of our cultivation are awarded as organic grapes since 1991 with a BIO certification.

FRAGRANCE: Peculiar scent of fresh grapes and must.

TASTE: Dense and soft, it reveals its pleasantly acid and moderately sweet taste at once.

FOOD PAIRING: Suitable pairing with sweet and savoury dishes. Great for breakfast or tea break, spread on bread or baked on a jam tart. People in Piedmont pair it with “toma” cheese from the Langhe, especially if made of goat or sheep milk, or with the majestic Piedmontese boiled meat. It is delicious on warm and crunchy fried cornmeal mush, too.

“The secret of grandmother Bruna”

Aldo Marenco. A family’s recipe since four generations.