Sole Luna



“The warmth of the summer sun and the beauty of a full moon”

The Favorita grape has been grown in Piemonte and Liguria for cenuries now
and is a clone of the Vermentino grape found on Sardegna and in Toscana.
we purposly make our Langhe Favorita to be ligh, simple and enjoyable with all
foods. The perfect summer wine.

Grape Type: 100% Favorita

Appelation: DOC

Wine Type: Dry White Wine

Growing area: Dogliani (CN)

Vinification: Light and friuty our Favorita is fermented and aged in
concrete vats for a period of 30 days before being further aged
in stainless steel tanks for 4 months.

Characteristics: It has a bouquet of fresh flowers and exotic friuts.
Haselnuts, lychee and yellow flowers.

Pairings: Recommended to be served with light pasta dishes, shell fish
Salads and starters.

Serving temperature: Serve chilled

Alcohol content: 13% by volume (depending on vintage)

Acidity: 5.4 g/l (depending on vintage)

Residual Sugar: 1 g/l (depending on vintage)


“The vineyard grows the favorite grapes of the canteen, hence its name “favorita”.”

Passage from the descriptive list of local Italian vines