Come and discover the delight of our hills, the flavours of our cuisine, the taste of our wines.
Upon reservation our farm organises either individual or group guided tours with the scope of learning in depth about the territory, the vineyards and the wine cellar, whilst enjoying the taste of our wines combined with typical local specialities.


Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy a picnic in the countryside today? A checkered placemat, a picnic basket, some fresh bread, wine and cheese with homemade jams and you casting a glance at me.
(Fabrizio Caramagna)


The Aldo Marenco farm recommends a stroll with a stop for a picnic in the gorgeous Dogliani landscape. The route crossing the courtyard farm is a 10 km long loop and has a vertical drop of 228 meters. It is suitable for families as it requires a little more than three hours of relaxed walking. The well-marked panoramic path winds its way from the historic centre of the town throughout green fields and ends on top of a panoramic hill.
The Aldo Marenco Farm provides its guests with a thermal rucksack containing a blanket, a small knife, a corkscrew, two water glasses, two wine glasses, two cutlery sets and two paper plates needed for the picnic.


A portion for two:
– Tuma di Murazzano and Raschera (typical local cheeses)
– salami,
– raw ham.
– A jar of vegetable starter.
– Two bottles of mineral water.
– A bottle of wine at your choice:
Langhe Favorita – Langhe Nascetta – Langhe Rosato – Dogliani Pirun – Dogliani Bric – Dogliani Suri – Barbera Pirona – Barbera Sain Sulfì.

Price of the menu € 30.00 per person

The food assortment, the wines and the portions of the menu can be customised upon request.
A supplement of € 5.00 per bottle applies to Dogliani Parlapa, Barbera Balin and Nebbiolo wines.
The cost of each additional portion is € 5.00.
The cost of each bottle of water is € 1.00.
The rucksack (one per couple) is to be returned at the end of the tour.

Enjoy the picnic with our wines and local specialities!


The tour starts from the historic centre of Dogliani village towards Dogliani Castello up on the hill. It continues through the San Giorgio hamlet, topping the hill surrounded by green fields, and leads to the Pamparato hamlet alongside the beautiful and colourful Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie restored by architect Giovanni Battista Schellino in 1867. Eventually, the tour direction turns back to the centre of the village, passing nearby the entry gate of the Monumental Cemetery. Then it heads downhill to the Robinson park and ends up when arriving at the sports facilities of the village.


Appetite should be stimulated to enhance the pleasure of tasting. Claudio Marenco will be pleased to take you for a nice and relaxed walk through the vineyards (depending on weather conditions), to show you the organic cultivation methods, see the wine cellar to explain the many secrets of our own wine making process. The younger Matteo will share his toys with your children in the courtyard and, if ever you come with your dog, it will enjoy our Zago Zago’s company to play with. The tour will eventually end in our cosy tasting room.


You will be welcomed in the wine cellar where you can taste local wines and dishes. We offer a selection of menus that perfectly fit to the tasting of our wines. Moreover, when booking for small groups, you may create your own customised menu consisting of classic first courses, such as “plin” ravioli, typical second courses of the Langhe territory, cheeses accompanied by local cugnà, grape must jam and much more, that perfectly combine with a selection of wines in order to delight your taste enhancing the flavours of the traditional cuisine. Contact us for further details to “create” your own tasting experience.


Tastings in the wine cellar


€ 3.00 for each type of wine served with bread sticks


A tasting platter with assorted typical cold cuts and cheeses
Cugnà and other delicatessen
Bread sticks and bread
Price € 15.00 per person
Wines: € 3.00 per person for each type of wine


New this year: an aperitif for vegans and vegetarians. 
A tasting of our wines accompanied by an exquisite house-made giardiniera and a rich pinzimonio comprised of the freshest of vegetables straight from the garden.
Cost per person €15.00 excluding wines


Our table has 10 seats. From March to November you can make
a reservation for lunch, late afternoon snacks and dinner.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Parking: available on site.
Spoken languages: local dialect, Italian, English, French, Russian.
Credit cards: major credit cards accepted.
Pet area: unfenced but safe open space.
For any doubts or more questions please call us


In riding a horse, we borrow freedom
(Helen Thomson)


The Aldo Marenco farm offers two horse rides with picnic to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Doglianese Langhe hills. The two rides offer different degrees of difficulty and duration, to meet the needs of both beginners and experienced riders; they wind through vineyards, fields, meadows and hazelnut groves to be discovered atop truly gentle horses, accompanied by expert local guides who will be able to describe the area and reveal all its secrets.
Once you arrive at the Marenco Aldo farm, after checking in you can take a guided tour of the wine cellar. Once finished, you’ll be given the cooler backpack for the picnic and you’ll be provided with all the directions to reach the nearby stables where your horse awaits.

ROUTE “SADDLE UP” (easy or tourist)

Price €60.00 per person
Participants: 1 – 3 people
Age: 6+
Duration: 1 hour
Difficulty: for beginners
Level: route suitable for people with no horse trekking experience
Requirements: when booking, please provide the age of participants and any difficulties or problems to be taken into account

The ride
The one-hour ride follows an easy route, and if you prefer, you can walk with the horse instead of being in the saddle. At the end of the route, you can enjoy your picnic near the stables or, perhaps, on the giant panoramic bench nearby. After the picnic we’ll be waiting for you at the farm to collect your backpack and to offer other tastings in the wine cellar.

CROSS-COUNTRY ROUTE (intermediate or hiking)

Price €80.00 per person
Participants: 1 – 3 people
Age: 14+
Duration: 2 hours
Difficulty: medium
Level: route suitable for experienced riders
Requirements: when booking, please provide the age of participants and any difficulties or problems to be taken into account

The ride
The 2-hour horse ride follows routes with points of medium difficulty, where sometimes you might need to walk with your horse and ride on short stretches of paved roads. At the end of the route, you can enjoy your picnic near the stables or, perhaps, on the giant panoramic bench nearby. After the picnic we’ll be waiting for you at the farm to collect your backpack and to offer other tastings in the wine cellar.


Each backpack contains one serving for two people of:
Tuma di Murazzano and Raschera (typical local cheeses),
cured ham.
A jar of vegetable starter.
Two bottles of water.
A bottle of wine, you can choose from:
Langhe Favorita – Langhe Nascetta – Langhe Rosato – Dogliani Pirun – Dogliani Bric – Dogliani Suri – Barbera Pirona – Barbera Sains Sulfì.
The menu’s contents, wines and number of servings can be changed to match your needs.
Dogliani Parlapà, Barbera Balin and Nebbiolo wines cost an extra €5.00 per bottle
Each additional serving costs an extra €5.00
Each extra bottle of water costs €1.00
The backpack (1 backpack for 2 people) must be returned at the end of the horse ride.

Enjoy your picnic, discovering our wines and typical products of the Doglianese.


A horse ride in nature is the perfect way to truly relax and have fun even if you have never ridden. To get the most out of this amazing experience, it’s important to keep in mind a few things. The horse is a loyal friend, and to create a bond, you must make it feel its knight has complete faith. To gain a horse’s confidence you must speak to it calmly, avoid any sudden movements, approach from the side and not the front, stroke it on the withers, the point at the base of the mane, and not on the muzzle. The riding staff will always be on hand to help and guide each participant to develop a bond with the horse, connecting with it in the best way and ensuring a truly exciting experience. When it comes to clothing, it’s better to focus on comfort and practicality, perhaps opting for a t-shirt, a sweatshirt, a pair of jeans and closed-toed shoes, and avoiding shorts to prevent bare legs rubbing on the saddle.
That said, have fun!


Would you like to take an e-bike ride immersed in the most unspoilt nature, enjoying unique views of our hills, cycling effortlessly through vineyards, meadows and hazelnut groves? Perhaps even stop for a picnic on the grass or at the end of the tour, discover our wines accompanied by typical local products? Simply make your reservation and our company will arrange every moment of your day.
Don’t have an e-bike? No problem! Book an e-bike directly on the website of our partner Bikesquare.
Or, if you prefer, we can reserve the e-bike for you. Book a picnic and we will take care of reserving the e-bike and arranging for it to be delivered to our location.


The tour starts from our farm along the Dogliani hills, passing across the historic centre and the old village of Dogliani Castello, a medieval settlement of extraordinary beauty.
The route is completely paved and runs on secondary roads with little traffic crossing the villages around Dogliani. It is 30 km long and requires a couple of hours of non-stop riding. It is not very demanding and suitable for children, too.


Prices per person:
– E-Bike rental € 40.00 per day,
– picnic rucksack € 30.00 per person.
Our policy is 50% deposit upon booking.